A Smart Shopping Mobile Application

January 1st, 2014


MaybeSo is all about fun, providing users with a great and innovative online shopping experience.

Using dating mobile application Tinder as a reference in terms of user experience, the application’s business objectives is to bring to users’ fingertips a selection of fashion products, categories and brands. We are empowering users to like and dislike products via a simple thumb swipe.

MaybeSo is more than just a mobile app, MaybeSo is both your best friend and a personal shopper/fashion consultant.

MaybeSo’s main target digital savvy women who are currently spending a lot of time online seeking trends and promotions. MaybeSo will quickly add to the app men items to make this app the main fashion shopping destination on mobile and tablets.

The Ask:

Create a Tinder like application for the Android and Appple stores that would allow user to swipe left or right to like or dislike suggested clothing, this helped the application recognize your taste and cater to your needs acting like a personal shopper notifing usewrs of items they like when they go on sale.


The project has been sunsetted and is no longer available for use.

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