Healing Happens Here (H3)

A Virtual Reality Meditation Experience

January 1st, 2019


Take a mindful meditation on a tropical beach, meditate at a cleansing waterfall, head into a temple where you free yourself of negativity. The destinations are endless, all you need to do is lay back, enjoy, and most importantly relax.

H3 is a virtual reality experience that allows anybody to sit back and receive the relaxation they've been dreaming of, anywhere at anytime.

H3 provides participants with peaceful, stunning visualizations to accompany a guided meditation journey.

These visual escapes remove all the frustration and hard work of meditation and replaces it with the ease of finally freeing the mind and finding peace.

What Makes use Different:

We live in a society where we are overstimulated, our minds are constantly being bombarded with information and stimulants. We have conditioned the brain to need stimulation 24/7.

Our brains produce thoughts, words, images and feelings, and so it stands to reason when we need it to be quiet it doesn’t understand how to do this. Trying to quiet the mind through ‘traditional’ meditations takes a lot of practice and usually results in great frustration and failed results.

Very few apps or platforms have taken into consideration that their customers struggle with the visualization aspect of a guided meditation, they can’t stop their mind from distracting them. H3 turns that “distraction” into their biggest ally, by creating something visual for the mind to focus on, H3 provides just enough stimulation/visualization to keep the brain occupied, so the body can relax and the mind can unwind.

Who can honestly say they sat crossed legged, closed eyed, and found inner peace? Maybe monks, who have spent years and years of practice and dedication can achieve this outcome. But the average person just doesn’t have the time or the mental focus to dedicate to finding our zen. We want it and we want it now and when that doesn’t happen, we get angry frustrated and defeated.

This is what makes H3 not only different, but also acts like a missing piece to the inner peace puzzle. We do all the work for you, all you have to do is be present. Which, by definition, is exactly what meditation is. When you walk through the forest, or on a tropical beach, how do you feel? Relaxed? In awe? peaceful? But how is that when you are awake and moving? Its because your eyes do not have to be shut nor does your body need to be still in order to mediate, you simply need to be in a relaxed state of mind. The goal is to calm the mind and relax the body, how you get to that end goal shouldn’t be restricted to old, traditional ways. Struggling to envision scenery or a color or an object is not relaxing, its very much the opposite. Its frustrating and distracting, causing you to lose sight of the very thing you are trying to do.

H3 removes the barriers, the stresses, the challenges that come with trying to meditate, and leaves you with one thing… the freedom to relax. Our guided meditations take you on a visual journey to peace and relaxation. By creating an entire paradise for you, the only thing you have left to do is relax.

Whether at home or in the office, our meditations are designed to give you the rest you are looking for. When you get stuck in the mindset that meditation has to be “sit cross legged, finger tips touching, eyes tightly shut” you can be setting yourself up for failure. Have you ever read a book that was teaching you to do something, like build a shelf? You followed the instructions but you just couldn’t build that shelf, it drove you crazy and you got angry and maybe threw stuff…then you watch a youtube video and suddenly its all clear and you build the shelf no problem…That’s exactly what we have done here.

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