Fit to be King - #Elvisyourselvis

Machine Learning Kiosk

July 27th, 2018

Want to learn to strike a pose like Elvis Presley?

Technology has found a way.

A Collingwood tech company has put artificial intelligence to work to help Elvis fans and tribute artists go from Beginner’s Luck to Burnin’ Love.

At this year’s Collingwood Elvis Festival, Smash Reality is unveiling the Fit to be King #ElvisYourselvis kiosk.

The kiosk works like this: You stand in front of it and copy the Elvis pose on the screen (there are five different ones it rotates through). The kiosk snaps a photo and uses artificial intelligence to compare your pose to the King’s. Next, you’ll get a percentage score showing the accuracy of your pose compared to Elvis Presley. The kiosk will add a fun background over the green screen you posed in front of, and give you some signature Elvis Presley glasses and hair. Then you’ll be able to print and/or share your photo and your accuracy score via social media.

Smash Reality CEO Barry Morwood, said this is his first time being in Collingwood for the annual Elvis festival, and he’s looking forward to participating with the Fit to be King kiosk.

“I wanted to think of a way to showcase our technology at the Elvis Festival,” said Morwood. “We take technology and the creative and merge them to tell the story … this is just us showing people what we can do.”

The Fit to be King kiosk will be in front of town hall from Friday to Sunday all day. Check it out, and try to beat the current high score of 76.8 per cent accuracy set by CollingwoodToday reporter Erika Engel.

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